LEGO Jawson Legs (90990)

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  • LEGO Jawson Legs (90990)

LEGO Jawson Legs (90990)

Lego Name: Minifigure Lowerpart
Lego Category: Mini Figure

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Design ID: 3815
Design ID: 90990
Peeron ID: 970c00px72
BOID: 641743

Year Released: 2010
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.6cm x 0.9cm x 2cm
ABS Plastic

10 Available from US $0.65

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LEGO Orange Jawson Legs (90990)Used
Orange Jawson Legs (90990)1US $0.651US $3.831 Plastic Paradise (2062)
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Minimum Order  US $7.50
LEGO Orange Jawson Legs (90990)NewOrange Jawson Legs (90990)9US $0.955US $4.879 The T-workshop (2356)
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LEGO Orange Jawson Legs (90990)Orange Jawson Legs (90990)US $0.651458611390990
LEGO Jawson Legs (90990) has been used in at least 1 Lego sets over the past 4 years, since it was first used in 2010.