LEGO Bat Minifigure

Theme: LEGO Elves
Lego name: Bat
Design ID36892
Item No6214358
Year Released2018
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NewLEGO Bat Minifigure1US $1.98 N/AGermany Brick 'N' Roll (255)
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NewLEGO Bat Minifigure3US $1.98US $37.48Netherlands HA bricks (601)
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LEGO Bat Minifigure1US $2.57US $7.52United States Brickfans (4605)
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NewLEGO Bat Minifigure
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4US $2.92 US $28.35Netherlands I Love Bricks (367)
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NewLEGO Bat Minifigure12US $3.52US $9.07United States Around The Clock Bricks (260)
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NewLEGO Bat Minifigure10US $3.53US $12.95Canada Emporiosa (357)
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NewLEGO Bat Minifigure1US $3.84N/ABelgium Area53 (29)
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NewLEGO Bat Minifigure2US $4.24US $41.80France Duplodocus (188)
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