LEGO Dog Body (30533 / 35033)

Theme: LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes
Lego name: Dog Body (Bricks / Special)
Design IDs30533, 35033
Year Released2018
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Medium Stone Gray
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NewWhite Dog Body1US $1.76 US $5.26 United States Bricksonian (112)
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NewWhite Dog Body2US $2.35US $6.67Canada BUILD IT!! (1143)
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NewMedium Stone Gray Dog Body1US $3.49 US $7.39 United States bricksbypeanut (142)
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NewMedium Stone Gray Dog Body1US $3.53N/AUnited Kingdom Brick Masterpiece (672)
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NewWhite Dog Body7US $3.58US $17.55Slovenia 3_BRICKS (316)
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Minimum Order  US $12.14
NewWhite Dog Body2US $5.03US $7.52Netherlands AFOL-Supply (3159)
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NewWhite Dog Body1US $5.92US $23.02Australia Finny Migs (147)
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NewWhite Dog Body1US $12.14US $22.70Portugal Forever Sorting (181)
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Minimum Order  US $121.42
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LEGO Medium Stone Gray Dog Body (35033)Medium Stone Gray Dog Body (35033)US $3.511623192735033
LEGO White Dog Body (35033)White Dog Body (35033)US $1.771620734435033
LEGO Dog Body (30533 / 35033) has been used in at least 2 LEGO sets over the past 3 years, since it was first used in 2018.