LEGO Light Gray Brick 2 x 4 (3001) Comes In

This is a list of all the items the Light Gray Brick 2 x 4 (3001) comes in. In total this part comes in 122 other items.
50LEGO 2x4 Light Grey Bricks Set 34592000LEGO 2x4 Light Grey Bricks Set 3459
LEGO Sets / Parts Packs / Bulk Bricks
1LEGO 4-Wheeled Front Shovel Set 64742000LEGO 4-Wheeled Front Shovel Set 6474
LEGO Sets / Town / City
9LEGO Aero Tube Hanger Set 73172001LEGO Aero Tube Hanger Set 7317
LEGO Sets / Space / Life On Mars
1LEGO Air Canada Jet Plane Set 611-21988LEGO Air Canada Jet Plane Set 611-2
LEGO Sets / Town / Special
1LEGO Airport Set 93032001LEGO Airport Set 9303
LEGO Sets / Education
5LEGO Alien Avenger Set 69751997LEGO Alien Avenger Set 6975
LEGO Sets / Space / UFO
2LEGO Alien Moon Stalker Set 69401986LEGO Alien Moon Stalker Set 6940
LEGO Sets / Space / Classic
1LEGO All Terrain Trapper Set 59552000LEGO All Terrain Trapper Set 5955
LEGO Sets / Adventurers / Dino Island
1LEGO Alpha Team Command Sub Set 47942002LEGO Alpha Team Command Sub Set 4794
LEGO Sets / Alpha Team / Mission Deep Sea
2LEGO Animal Adventures Bucket Set 41162001LEGO Animal Adventures Bucket Set 4116
LEGO Sets / Creator
14LEGO Assorted Light Grey Bricks Set 101452004LEGO Assorted Light Grey Bricks Set 10145
LEGO Sets / Parts Packs / Bulk Bricks
1LEGO Backhoe Grader Set 88621989LEGO Backhoe Grader Set 8862
LEGO Sets / Technic
14LEGO Basic Bricks Grey Set 51451996LEGO Basic Bricks Grey Set 5145
LEGO Sets / Parts Packs / Service Packs
3LEGO Black Knight's Castle Set 60861992LEGO Black Knight's Castle Set 6086
LEGO Sets / Castle / Black Knights
5LEGO Blaze Brigade Set 65541997LEGO Blaze Brigade Set 6554
LEGO Sets / Town / Fire
2LEGO Build With Bricks Set 44002003LEGO Build With Bricks Set 4400
LEGO Sets / Creator
2LEGO Build Your Dreams Set 41072002LEGO Build Your Dreams Set 4107
LEGO Sets / Creator
1LEGO Cabana Beach Set 64101994LEGO Cabana Beach Set 6410
LEGO Sets / Town / Paradisa
2LEGO Camouflaged Outpost Set 60661987LEGO Camouflaged Outpost Set 6066
LEGO Sets / Castle / Forestmen
8LEGO Castle Set 93761997LEGO Castle Set 9376
LEGO Sets / Dacta / Castle
1LEGO Central Precinct HQ Set 63981993LEGO Central Precinct HQ Set 6398
LEGO Sets / Town / Police
1LEGO Century Skyway Set 65971994LEGO Century Skyway Set 6597
LEGO Sets / Town / Flight
5LEGO Cloud City Set 101232003LEGO Cloud City Set 10123
LEGO Sets / Star Wars / Episode V
5LEGO Coast Guard HQ Set 64351999LEGO Coast Guard HQ Set 6435
LEGO Sets / Town / City
1LEGO Coast Watch Set 64331999LEGO Coast Watch Set 6433
LEGO Sets / Town / City
2LEGO Create and Imagine Set 40132003LEGO Create and Imagine Set 4013
LEGO Sets / Creator
2LEGO Creator Bucket Set 78312002LEGO Creator Bucket Set 7831
LEGO Sets / Creator
2LEGO Creator Bucket Set 78322002LEGO Creator Bucket Set 7832
LEGO Sets / Creator
4LEGO Creator Strata Red Set 42792003LEGO Creator Strata Red Set 4279
LEGO Sets / Creator
1LEGO Crocodile Locomotive Set 45511991LEGO Crocodile Locomotive Set 4551
LEGO Sets / Trains