LEGO Medium Stone Gray Brick 2 x 3 with Curved Top (6215) Comes In

This is a list of all the items the Medium Stone Gray Brick 2 x 3 with Curved Top (6215) comes in. In total this part comes in 35 other items.
4LEGO  Rocket Assembly &Transport Set 602292019LEGO Rocket Assembly &Transport Set 60229
LEGO Sets / City / Space
3LEGO Around the World Set 110152021LEGO Around the World Set 11015
LEGO Sets / Classic
8LEGO Atlantis Exploration HQ Set 80772010LEGO Atlantis Exploration HQ Set 8077
LEGO Sets / Atlantis
1LEGO Baxter Robot Rampage Set 791052013LEGO Baxter Robot Rampage Set 79105
LEGO Sets / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / TV Series
2LEGO Bug Obliterator Set 707052013LEGO Bug Obliterator Set 70705
LEGO Sets / Space / Galaxy Squad
4LEGO Build and Create Set 44102004LEGO Build and Create Set 4410
LEGO Sets / Creator
4LEGO Community Starter Set 93892012LEGO Community Starter Set 9389
LEGO Sets / Education
2LEGO Corner Garage Set 102642019LEGO Corner Garage Set 10264
LEGO Sets / Creator Expert / Modular Buildings
1LEGO Creative Building Bricks Set 110162021LEGO Creative Building Bricks Set 11016
LEGO Sets / Classic
4LEGO Creator Value Pack Set 45182004LEGO Creator Value Pack Set 4518
LEGO Sets / Creator
1LEGO Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator Set 79612011LEGO Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator Set 7961
LEGO Sets / Star Wars / Episode I
1LEGO Death Star Cannon Set 752462019LEGO Death Star Cannon Set 75246
LEGO Sets / Star Wars / Episode IV
2LEGO Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack Set 759312018LEGO Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack Set 75931
LEGO Sets / Jurassic World / Fallen Kingdom
2LEGO Easter Bunny Set 400862014LEGO Easter Bunny Set 40086
LEGO Sets / Seasonal / Easter
4LEGO Ferrari Truck Set 81852009LEGO Ferrari Truck Set 8185
LEGO Sets / Racers / Ferrari
2LEGO Fighter Plane Attack Set 71982009LEGO Fighter Plane Attack Set 7198
LEGO Sets / Indiana Jones / Last Crusade
1LEGO Fun With Vehicles Set 46352012LEGO Fun With Vehicles Set 4635
LEGO Sets / Bricks and More
2LEGO Grand Piano Set 213232020LEGO Grand Piano Set 21323
LEGO Sets / Ideas
1LEGO Haunted House Set 102732020LEGO Haunted House Set 10273
LEGO Sets / Creator Expert / Fairground
2LEGO Imperial AT-ST Set 101742006LEGO Imperial AT-ST Set 10174
LEGO Sets / Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series
2LEGO Main Square Set 602712020LEGO Main Square Set 60271
LEGO Sets / City / Town
1LEGO Medieval Blacksmith Set 213252021LEGO Medieval Blacksmith Set 21325
LEGO Sets / Ideas
1LEGO Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Set 431792020LEGO Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Set 43179
LEGO Sets / Disney / Miscellaneous
2LEGO Mining Experts Site Set 601882018LEGO Mining Experts Site Set 60188
LEGO Sets / City / Mining
2LEGO Mobile Bat Base Set 761602020LEGO Mobile Bat Base Set 76160
LEGO Sets / Super Heroes / Batman
2LEGO Newbury Juice Bar Set 403362019LEGO Newbury Juice Bar Set 40336
LEGO Sets / Hidden Side / Promotional
1LEGO Police Building Set 46362012LEGO Police Building Set 4636
LEGO Sets / Bricks and More
2LEGO Police Prisoner Transport Set 602762021LEGO Police Prisoner Transport Set 60276
LEGO Sets / City / Police
2LEGO S.O.G. Headquarters Set 706402018LEGO S.O.G. Headquarters Set 70640
LEGO Sets / Ninjago / Sons of Garmadon
4LEGO Samurai VXL Set 706252017LEGO Samurai VXL Set 70625
LEGO Sets / Ninjago / The Hands of Time