LEGO Skeleton Minifigure Comes In

This is a list of all the items the Skeleton Minifigure comes in. In total this minifigure comes in 5 other items.
1LEGO Halloween Haunt Set 402602017LEGO Halloween Haunt Set 40260
LEGO Sets / Seasonal / Halloween
1LEGO Master Falls Set 706082017LEGO Master Falls Set 70608
LEGO Sets / The Ninjago Movie
1LEGO Pirate Roller Coaster Set 310842018LEGO Pirate Roller Coaster Set 31084
LEGO Sets / Creator
1LEGO Rancor Pit Set 750052013LEGO Rancor Pit Set 75005
LEGO Sets / Star Wars / Episode VI
1LEGO Trick or Treat Halloween Set 401222015LEGO Trick or Treat Halloween Set 40122
LEGO Sets / Seasonal / Halloween