LEGO Transparent Yellow Round Plate 1 x 1 (6141 / 30057 / 34823) Comes In

This is a list of all the items the Transparent Yellow Round Plate 1 x 1 (6141 / 30057 / 34823) comes in. In total this part comes in 697 other items.
23LEGO  The Scuttler Set 709082017LEGO The Scuttler Set 70908
LEGO Sets / The Batman Movie
7LEGO 3 Christmas Decorations Set 47592004LEGO 3 Christmas Decorations Set 4759
LEGO Sets / Seasonal / Christmas
4LEGO 4-Wheeling Pursuit Set 89692009LEGO 4-Wheeling Pursuit Set 8969
LEGO Sets / Agents / Agents
2LEGO A-wing Starfighter Set 751752017LEGO A-wing Starfighter Set 75175
LEGO Sets / Star Wars / Episode VI
4LEGO Ace Speedman Diver Minifigure2011LEGO Ace Speedman Diver Minifigure
LEGO Minifigures / Atlantis
3LEGO Advent Calendar Set 12981998LEGO Advent Calendar Set 1298
LEGO Sets / Classic
1LEGO Advent Calendar Set 22502000LEGO Advent Calendar Set 2250
LEGO Sets / Basic / Seasonal
2LEGO Advent Calendar Set 49242004LEGO Advent Calendar Set 4924
LEGO Sets / Creator / Seasonal
1LEGO Advent Calendar Set 76002007LEGO Advent Calendar Set 7600
LEGO Sets / Belville / Seasonal
6LEGO Adventure Time Level Pack Set 712452016LEGO Adventure Time Level Pack Set 71245
LEGO Sets / Dimensions / Level Pack
2LEGO Adventurers Car Set 29951998LEGO Adventurers Car Set 2995
LEGO Sets / Adventurers / Desert
2LEGO Adventurers Tomb Set 29961998LEGO Adventurers Tomb Set 2996
LEGO Sets / Adventurers / Desert
3LEGO Aerial Defence Unit Set 89712009LEGO Aerial Defence Unit Set 8971
LEGO Sets / Agents / Agents
1LEGO Air Blazer Set 310572017LEGO Air Blazer Set 31057
LEGO Sets / Creator
4LEGO Aircraft Set 84342004LEGO Aircraft Set 8434
LEGO Sets / Technic
2LEGO Airliner Set 78072009LEGO Airliner Set 7807
LEGO Sets / Creator
2LEGO Airport Container Truck Set 17721991LEGO Airport Container Truck Set 1772
LEGO Sets / Town / Special
2LEGO Airport Set 63921985LEGO Airport Set 6392
LEGO Sets / Town / Flight
3LEGO Airport Shuttle Set 63991990LEGO Airport Shuttle Set 6399
LEGO Sets / Town / Monorail
2LEGO Amazon Ancient Ruins Set 59861999LEGO Amazon Ancient Ruins Set 5986
LEGO Sets / Adventurers / Jungle
1LEGO Ambulance Set 44312012LEGO Ambulance Set 4431
LEGO Sets / City / Medical
1LEGO An Unexpected Gathering Set 790032012LEGO An Unexpected Gathering Set 79003
LEGO Sets / The Hobbit / An Unexpected Journey
3LEGO Andrea's Accessories Store Set 413442018LEGO Andrea's Accessories Store Set 41344
LEGO Sets / Friends
8LEGO Andrea's Bedroom Set 413412018LEGO Andrea's Bedroom Set 41341
LEGO Sets / Friends
2LEGO Andrea's Park Performance Set 413342018LEGO Andrea's Park Performance Set 41334
LEGO Sets / Friends
8LEGO Andrea's Speedboat Transporter Set 413162017LEGO Andrea's Speedboat Transporter Set 41316
LEGO Sets / Friends / Summer
4LEGO Andrea's Stage Set 39322012LEGO Andrea's Stage Set 3932
LEGO Sets / Friends
4LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle Set 760392015LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle Set 76039
LEGO Sets / Super Heroes / Ant-Man
1LEGO AntiMatter's Portal Hideout Set 701722015LEGO AntiMatter's Portal Hideout Set 70172
LEGO Sets / Agents / Ultra Agents
2LEGO Aquabase Invasion Set 77752007LEGO Aquabase Invasion Set 7775
LEGO Sets / Aqua Raiders
1LEGO City of Atlantis Set 79852011LEGO City of Atlantis Set 7985 Via Ace Speedman Diver Minifigure
LEGO Sets / Atlantis
1LEGO City Traffic Super Pack 4-in-1 Set 664512012LEGO City Traffic Super Pack 4-in-1 Set 66451 Via Ambulance Set 4431
LEGO Sets / City / Product Collection