LEGO Yellowish Green Plate 1 x 1 (3024) Comes In

This is a list of all the items the Yellowish Green Plate 1 x 1 (3024) comes in. In total this part comes in 3 other items.
3LEGO City of Stiix Set 707322015LEGO City of Stiix Set 70732
LEGO Sets / Ninjago / Possession
1LEGO Cupcake Stall Set 303962016LEGO Cupcake Stall Set 30396
LEGO Sets / Friends
1LEGO Queasy Kitty Minifigure2014LEGO Queasy Kitty Minifigure
LEGO Minifigures / The Movie / 1
1LEGO MetalBeard's Sea Cow Set 708102014LEGO MetalBeard's Sea Cow Set 70810 Via Queasy Kitty Minifigure
LEGO Sets / The Movie / 1