Custom Items

Custom items are not official Lego products, but have been creatively created from official Lego items. Custom items consist mostly of official Lego items but may also include other items such as jewellery, keychains or paper. Custom items exist in the following categories:

Custom Sets

Custom sets use official Lego parts to create a model that is not an official Lego set.

Custom Minifigures

Custom minifigures use official Lego parts to create Minifigures that are not available within a Lego set.

Custom Gear

Custom gear consists of Lego inspired products, that do not fit into the other categories. Custom Keychains are found in this category.

Custom Instructions

Custom Instructions give guidance on how to build Custom Sets. They may be electronic or paper based.


We do not currently support custom items in any other item types, this includes custom parts.


If you have had your own wonderful idea for a custom item that you wish to sell, you can submit an item for approval by clicking the 'Edit Catalog' button found at the bottom of the page. Then click the link to 'Create New Item' to the catalog, choose your item type from Set, Gear or Instruction and change the Brand to be the name of your own special brand of products or your store name. Please do not submit any custom items with the brand of Lego, only official Lego products will be accepted with a brand of Lego. All submission decisions for the acceptance of custom items are up to Brick Owls discretion. If your Custom Item is accepted, it will be proudly displayed in the Brick Owl catalog and you will be able to edit the listing further, adding valuable information and pictures.