Getting Started on Brick Owl

New to Brick Owl? This help page is to help you find your way around and explore all that Brick Owl has to offer.

Brick Owl is for anyone who loves LEGO!

Firstly, if you want to buy some LEGO, we recommend taking a look at our buying guide.

We have a massive Catalog of all the official Lego items you could ever imagine! Browsing the catalog helps you find all your favourite and must have Lego items. We have added some useful attributes to items such as facial expression or eye colour, allowing you for example, to find all the smiling faces with blue eyes. You can create Wishlists of your favourite Lego items, maybe to hint at what you want for your birthday or collecting in one place all you need to build your latest MOC.

If you are after some Lego to buy, you've come to the right place. We have a large number of Stores selling a wide variety of Lego. If you're after one or two items you're probably best going to the Catalog, finding the Lego item you want and visiting the buy tab which will list stores which sell the item. They are sorted by price and when you choose the store you want, it will take you to their Brick Owl Store from which you can buy your Lego.  If you've made a wishlist, then when you visit any store it will notify you if they have items on your wishlist. We have also built a cool system to help you find the best stores to buy from if you want to buy your whole wishlist. This becomes really useful as you can find the cheapest way to buy many Lego items, especially as you can import items into wishlists from programs such as Lego Digital Designer or part out Lego sets into your wishlist from the catalog.

If you have some Lego you wish to sell then you could set up your very own Brick Owl store, everyone's welcome.

Or, if you just want to chat with like minded Lego fans and be part of the community, you best check out our Brick Owl Community Forum.

Welcome to Brick Owl!

P.S. If you're ever stuck, check out our help pages or contact us.