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  • LEGO Technic Pin with Lengthwise Friction Ridges and Center Slots (2780)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle to Pin connector with Friction (43093)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle 6 (3706)
    From: US $0.02
  • LEGO Axle 4 (3705)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle 2 with Grooves (32062)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 1 x 4 (3710)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle 3 (4519)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 1 x 2 (3023 / 6225)
    From: US $0.01


  • LEGO Super Battle Droid Minifigure with Normal Arm
    From: US $1.31
  • LEGO Battle Droid with 1 Straight Arm Minifigure
    From: US $1.42
  • LEGO President Business Set 71004-2
    From: US $3.02
  • LEGO General Grievous with Dark Stone Gray Body and White Pattern Minifigure
    From: US $11.37
  • LEGO Skeleton with Ridged Arms, Thin Shoulder Pins, and Classic Smile Safety Stud Head Minifigure
    From: US $1.42
  • LEGO Red Classic Space astronaut Minifigure
    From: US $4.77
  • LEGO Kit Fisto Minifigure
    From: US $6.95
  • LEGO Leonidas Minifigure
    From: US $1.95

Recently listed for sale

  • LEGO Scorpion Palace Set 7418-1 Instructions
    From: US $0.81
  • LEGO Extra Large Power Functions Motor (58121)
    From: US $14.50
  • LEGO Power Functions Extension Wire 20cm (60656)
    From: US $6.50
  • LEGO IR Remote Control Set 8885
    From: US $14.00
  • LEGO Power Functions Extension Wire 50cm (58118)
    From: US $6.93
  • LEGO Classic Spaceman Minifigure Retro Set 5002812
    From: US $19.70
  • LEGO Slope 45° 2 x 1 (3040 / 6270)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 1 x 2 with 1 Stud (without Bottom Groove) (3794)
    From: US $0.01

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  • New Keychains, New Polybag

    Posted on 13 Feb 2014 21:36

    Tonight we have a wedge of new images to show you. First, there are several new Castle keychains that should be coming out soon to go along with the Castle sets that came out this year. For the same theme there are also two battle packs, one for the Lion Knights, and one for the Dragon Knights. There is quite a nice picture of the new Easter Bunny set which will obviously be coming out to be timed with Easter soon. You can see all of the new pictures here


  • 2014 Polybags

    Posted on 1 Jan 2014 20:55

    As we enter the New Year, Lego usually update their systems with many of the upcoming sets. Among the hundreds of inventories and instructions there are the names and inventories of several new polybags due out in 2014. There are several from the new Lego movie theme as well as the usual Star Wars, City, Friends, Superheroes and Legends of Chima. There look like several interesting ones that I'm sure people will be eager to add to their collections.


    30301 - Batwing 
    30282 - Super Secret Police Enforcer 
    30281 - Micro Manager Battle 
    30280 - The piece of resistance 
    30263 - Spider Crawler 
    30262 - Gorzan's Walker 
    30247 - ARC-170 Starfighter™
    30246 - Imperial Shuttle™ 
    30244 - Anakin's Jedi Intercepter™ 
    30229 - Repair Lift 
    30226 - Police helicopter 
    30189 - Transport Plane 
    30188 - Cute Kitten 
    30187 - Fast Car 
    30114 - Andrea’s Beach Lounge