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  • LEGO Han Solo in Carbonite 6 x 4 x 1 Minifigure
    From: US $1.53
  • LEGO BB-8 Minifigure
    From: US $2.47
  • LEGO Spider-Man Minifigure
    From: US $1.77
  • LEGO C-3PO Protocol Droid with Leg Wire Decoration Minifigure
    From: US $2.50
  • LEGO Chewbacca Minifigure
    From: US $2.26
  • LEGO Susan, Red Long Skirt, Dark Red Vest Minifigure
    From: US $2.50
  • LEGO Qui-Gon Jinn Minifigure
    From: US $2.13
  • LEGO Luke Skywalker with Tatooine Outfit Minifigure
    From: US $3.36
  • LEGO Cowardly Lion Set 71023-17
    From: US $3.51
  • LEGO Tin Man Set 71023-19
    From: US $5.03
  • LEGO Dorothy Gale Set 71023-16
    From: US $5.01
  • LEGO Scarecrow Set 71023-18
    From: US $5.03


  • LEGO Plate 1 x 2 (3023 / 6225 / 28653)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Technic Pin with Lengthwise Friction Ridges and Center Slots (2780)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 1 x 4 (3710)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Tile 1 x 2 with Groove (3069 / 15598 / 30070)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle to Pin Connector with Friction (43093)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Long Pin with Friction (6558)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 2 x 2 (3022 / 94148)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle 2 with Grooves (32062)
    From: US $0.01

Recently listed for sale

  • LEGO Crankshaft (2853)
    From: US $0.02
  • LEGO Crankshaft Link (2854 / 10721)
    From: US $0.02
  • LEGO Hoth AT-AT Driver Minifigure
    From: US $2.10
  • LEGO Batman with Medium Stone Gray Suit and Black Mask Minifigure
    From: US $7.61
  • LEGO Town Minifigure
    From: US $1.00
  • LEGO Director Minifigure
    From: US $1.03
  • LEGO UFO Droid Blue Minifigure
    From: US $0.98
  • LEGO Viking Warrior Minifigure
    From: US $3.64