Catalog Images

This help page is to give you advice on how to take the best images of Lego items, to give you the best chance of having your image approved and earning you Catalog points!

Here are some handy tips:

  • Pictures should be taken on a plain white background (printer paper should do the trick!).
  • Pictures should be taken on a high resolution setting. Images can be upto 8MB in size and submitted in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.
  • Only include the item itself in the image, for example, minifigures should be standing on their own without any accessories.
  • Make the image as bright as possible while trying to avoid glare. If possible use bright natural lighting not a flash. If you want to be professional, a light tent works wonderfully.
  • Make sure Lego items are looking their best, give items a good dust before you take your picture. We find clean make-up brushes are great for getting in all the little gaps.
  • For Dual Sided Minifigure Heads select the happiest looking face as the primary image, you can add the face on the opposite side as an alternate image.
  • Align everything as much as possible, try to make minifigures faces stare straight into the camera, center headgear and twist the hands so that they appear as a downwards semi circle. Try to take images from the same angle, straight on for minifigures and at a slight angle for parts.
  • Try not to shake the camera too much when you take the picture, this will cause the image to blur. If you want to get all professional you can use a stand for holding your camera in place and use a remote trigger to take the picture.
  • If you feel one viewpoint is not enough, feel free to take many images from different angles and submit them as alternate images. For example, you may want to take images of minfigures from the side and back to show off their wonderful printing.
  • Have a browse through the catalog to get a feel for what it takes to get your image approved.