Create a Brick Owl Store

Brick Owl is the largest independent Lego marketplace. With commission of only 2.5%, we have comprehensive tools to help you create a professional storefront.


Fully integrated PayPal and Stripe support, including credit cards and Apple Pay


Automatic shipping calculated based on item dimensions


Rebrickable users can easily purchase from Brick Owl stores

Buying Tools

With our tool 'Brick Sale Finder', you can check the best sets to part out


Support queries usually answered within one day


Brick Owl has full inventory and order analytics so you can see your most popular items or which countries you frequently sell to


Multiple syncronization tool options to keep inventory in sync with other platforms

Click & Drop / Shipstation

Integrated shipping APIs for quick shipment creation


If you have your own domain, you can create a bespoke store with your own branding and even customise the CSS

Create your store