About Us

Brick Owl is a marketplace to buy and sell Lego. It was started in May 2013 by two Adult Fans of Lego (AFOLs).

We first started out selling parts back in 2008 after we discovered our childhood Lego sets. We later created our own website in 2010, initially to sell minifigures and sets, but soon expanded to selling parts also. After realising there was much more demand for parts than we were able to supply ourselves, we decided to create a marketplace that would allow other sellers to have a full storefront.


  • Set data provided by BrickSet
  • 3D Models used for some part images provided by LDraw
  • Set images, part images, part details, inventories, instructions provided by Lego
  • Minifigure Taxonomy provided by Minifigure.org
  • The remaining data has kindly been provided by the users of Brick Owl