Catalog Points

Catalog Points are the way Brick Owl rewards it's Catalog Contributors for helping to improve the catalogue. They are given for any approved catalog submissions and the amount of points is based on the type of submission. These points can then be exchanged for the prizes below! Every year we also give out prizes to the top contributors from that year. Check out the tables to see how you can earn catalog points and the current prizes available. To submit a catalog submission, go to any item, click on the edit tab, and get contributing.

All Time Top Contributors

UsernameTotal Points
robernat (658)92,293
Aladine (626)62,395
leopard37 (191)55,185
johnsma2000 (1122)38,459
Jay37 (316)20,764
pollie1213 (41)19,683
OliS (170)17,111
Calibrick (186)16,127
Stellar (457)15,621
Walstib (196)14,871

Top Contributors This Year

UsernameYearly PointsTotal PointsYearly Prize
Aladine (626)10,55562,395LEGO Carousel Set 10257Carousel 10257
leopard37 (191)10,29155,185LEGO London Bus Set 10258London Bus 10258
pollie1213 (41)5,61519,683LEGO Ship in a Bottle Set 21313Ship in Bottle 21313
Otterbourne Lego (60)5,3205,320
OliS (170)4,69817,111
Lucus (185)2,9615,186
vegitt (219)2,7826,500
Andrzej (1013)2,73213,539
Abel's bricks (434)2,0572,220
TechnicMadMike (56)2,0312,031

Contribution Types

PointsTypeTotal Earned
15Primary Image428,865
5Alternate Image24,470
5Lego Item Number25,780
2Item Creation60,908
1Design ID162
1EAN Barcode673
1Eye Color2,519
1Facial Expression2,511
1Facial Hair Type2,480
1Inventory Create/Alter904,801
1Lip Color2,179
1Set Number317
1Sides Printed3,856
1Stud Height1,985
1Stud Length1,445
1Stud Width1,412
1UPC Barcode29


30 Days of Free Brick Owl Commision1,500405 / 500
Store Featured on Brick Owl Homepage for 30 Days1,000319 / 500
LEGO BR Minifigure Set 5001121BR Beefeater Minifigure8007 / 25
LEGO Club Max Set 852996Club Max Minifigure8008 / 15
LEGO Red Brick Key Chain (3917)Red Brick Keychain8006 / 10

All prizes will be shipped for free worldwide. Only one of each physical prize type is allowed per household. There is no limit on non-physical prizes. See here for full terms and conditions.