Edit Catalog

Brick Owl has a catalog of many of the different sets, parts and other items that LEGO has produced over the years. Most of the catalog can be edited by users like yourself in many different ways. If you want to help contribute to the catalog, this page will help you find items that are missing data or need data matched up. If you already know what items you want to edit, search for it in the catalog while you are logged in and then click on the 'edit' tab.

Items Missing Information

Show items missing data - This will run a special search that has a new set of filters down on the left. These filters can be used to filter the search results by items that are missing certain pieces of data. Several of the data types will only apply to certain items, for example lip colour will only apply to items with lips.

Edit the Catalog

Create an Item - Use this form to create new items that are not already listed in the catalog.

Create a category - For new groupings of items, create a new category.

Edit a category - Edit a category name or description.

Create a theme - Occasionally it is necessary to create a new theme, but this is usually handled automatically.

Edit a theme - Edit a theme name or description.


The inventory for recent sets is automatically imported from LEGO. Older sets and minifigures need to have their inventory created manually. To create an inventory for an item, go to the item, click on the edit tab, and then click the create inventory button.


When new sets are created, the parts of a Minifigure automatically added, but these need to be assembled in the figures. You can click on the link from a set inventory to go to the Minifigure creation form which speeds up the process


For more detailed information, check out the Catalog section of the help pages