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Store Location
The Daily BrickUnited Kingdom United KingdomLawrence5873,948
BrikomaniaSpain SpainBrikomania9654,624,849
A HandFul of BricksPoland PolandaHFB1,2003,228,980
GizmocomUnited Kingdom United KingdomGizmocom1,5321,351,530
Brickshop UKUnited Kingdom United Kingdommisbi3,109139,623
Bricknation ToysUnited Kingdom United KingdomBricknation Toys1,8941,752,035
Most PlatedUnited Kingdom United KingdomSilentMode30415,469
BrickfansUnited States United StatesDadsafol6,1496,347,268
FigBitsCanada Canadafigbits26352,542
The Brick MillUnited States United StatesTheBrickMill2844,064
A Brick ShiphouseUnited Kingdom United Kingdommaninblack266
Hollie's BricksUnited Kingdom United Kingdompolarbomber1,7469,846
MinithingsforlifeUnited Kingdom United Kingdomminithingsforlife3,489587,197
Em's Bricks n PiecesUnited Kingdom United KingdomEms Bricks3,834138,269
Brick DoorUnited States United StatesGbratti930207,267
Brock's BricksUnited States United StatesBrocksBricks2,9634,976,501
Fantasy LandRomania Romaniaadn23778495
KlevebricksGermany GermanyBirdofPrey31,172
BrickEmpireUnited States United StatesBrickEmpire119270
North Wales BricksUnited Kingdom United KingdomPantzman646628
Boutique UniqueNetherlands NetherlandsHJR21,572
Fresh StudsIreland IrelandFreshStuds89667,052
BRICK & brickItaly ItalyPaoloBitta030
2 Many BricksUnited States United Statesgarrywinter387
SystemBricksNetherlands NetherlandsLegGodt114397,483
you-know-whatCzech Republic Czech Republickindergarden1065,383
L & L BRICK COMPANYUnited Kingdom United KingdomLaNDLBRICKS391,067
ENiGMATiC PLASTiCUnited States United StatesGraham1,683331,298
ToyBurgUnited States United Statestoyburg56,029
Brick StackersUnited States United Statesbrickstackers1,166450,160