Getting Started - Selling

This is an brief overview of what you can do to set up your Brick Owl Store and start selling Lego.

To create a Brick Owl Store you must first have a Brick Owl Account and be signed in.

You can create your Brick Owl Store by following the link at the bottom of the page.

The help page, Creating a Store, talks you through the entire process to get your store and all its settings sorted. Here are the most important steps:

  • Set your store country and currency, from the Store Information Section.
  • Set up Payment methods.
  • Set up Shipping methods
  • Add some Lego to sell, more details found in the Inventory help page.

Once you have done the above, you store should be up and running and ready for customers to place orders. You can now start using or improving your Brick Owl Store by:

  • Customising your store by setting the colour scheme, adding logo's and a slogan.
  • Filling in additional settings such as Despatch Time or Minimum Order.
  • Creating your own Store pages to tell the world just how special your Brick Owl store is.
  • View and manage your orders, from the Orders Tab in the My Store section.
  • Create coupons to offer customers tempting discounts from the Coupon Tab in the My Store section.
  • Watch your store grow and moniter its popularity with cool statistics in the Dashboard Tab in the My Store Section.

The Store Fees help page details the fees that you will occur for orders placed in your Brick Owl Store, there are no fees for having a store or listing items in your store.

If you need some help, the best place to go is the Creating a Store help page and if this does not help you, feel free to email us!