Item Types

This guide aims to explain the different main item types in the Brick Owl Catalog.


Lego parts are the main building blocks and pieces which form the main component of most Lego sets. All items listed in parts are official Lego parts, not just lego compatible.

For example, in this section you would find minifigure legs or a Brick 2 x 4.


Minifigures contains official Lego minifigures, as they are found in Official Lego sets. Minifigures consist of all the parts required to make the character including body wear  such as capes and quivers but excluding hand held accesories such as crossbows or loosely fitting items such as messenger pouches. The general rule would be that if the item is attached to the Minifigure it should be included unless it is attached to the hands of the Minifigure. For example, flippers attached to the feet should be included, a hand held gun should not. Please note, any item attached to the hands that is not meant to be removable should be included, this is seen as an extension of the minifigures hand and not as a handheld accessory. Minifigures do not come with any base or plates to stand on. Minifigures made from official Lego parts but that create new characters that do not come in Lego sets are not allowed. Some Official Lego Minifigures do not come in Lego sets, but may still be official in the sense that they are created by Lego.

For example, in this section you would find the Collectible Minifigure Santa, comprising Legs, Torso, Beard, Head and of course Santa Hat!


Lego sets are the most common Lego product. They are typically a Cardboard box containing instructions and Lego parts. However many other items come into the class of Sets such as Polybags and Foil Bags. Typically it is any Lego product whose main attraction is a collection of Lego parts.

For example, in this section you would find the Collectible Minifigure Santa, where you would recieve the Minifigure Santa (as descriped above), as well as his santa sack, base to stand on and instruction sheet.


Gear contains most items that do not fit into the other categories and covers a wide range of products. In a broad sense it consists of any Offical Lego product where the main attraction of the product is not to build a lego model.

For example, in this section you will find Lego Keychains, Lego Board Games and Lego Watches.


Lego Stickers are the sticker sheets that can be found within some Lego sets, used to decorate Lego pieces when building the official model. Stationary stickers not designed to decorate Lego parts can be found in Gear not in this section. Please note, the item listed is the entire sheet that comes with a particular set, please do not cut the sheet into individual stickers.

For example, if you wanted to make your own Lego cinema you could use the sticker sheet from 10232, to add some movie decoration to your own model.


Instructions are the paper leaflets and booklets, found in Official Lego sets, that inform you how to build a particular Lego model. We also provide links to electronic versions of some Lego Instructions which you can view for free on the Lego Website.

For example, if you wanted to build a Lego Whale you could use the 7871 Whale Set Instructions.


This section contains the outer packaging of Lego sets. It does not contain the Lego model or contents of the packaging, just the outer decorated level of packaging.

For example, if you have the Eiffel Tower model but have lost its box, you could find the box in the packaging section.