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  • LEGO C-3PO Protocol Droid with Leg Wire Decoration Minifigure
    From: US $1.65
  • LEGO R2-D2 Minifigure (Flat Silver Head, Dark Blue Printing, Lavender Dots)
    From: US $2.41
  • LEGO Snowtrooper with Medium Stone Gray hips and White Hands Minifigure
    From: US $1.27
  • LEGO Imperial Officer Minifigure
    From: US $1.85
  • LEGO Atlantean Guard 2 Minifigure
    From: US $1.60
  • LEGO Parademon with Small Wings Minifigure
    From: US $1.35
  • LEGO First Order Transporter Stormtrooper Minifigure
    From: US $1.26
  • LEGO Emperor Palpatine Minifigure
    From: US $3.87
  • LEGO Chip Set 71024-7
    From: US $3.31
  • LEGO Awesome Remix Emmet Set 71023-1
    From: US $3.00
  • LEGO M-Motor Set 8883
    From: US $11.03
  • LEGO Banana Guy Set 71013-15
    From: US $2.45


  • LEGO Technic Pin with Lengthwise Friction Ridges and Center Slots (2780)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 1 x 2 (3023 / 6225 / 28653)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Long Pin with Friction (6558)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Tile 1 x 2 with Groove (3069 / 15598 / 30070)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle to Pin Connector with Friction (43093)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Axle 2 with Grooves (32062)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 1 x 3 (3623)
    From: US $0.01
  • LEGO Plate 1 x 4 (3710)
    From: US $0.01

Recently listed for sale

  • LEGO Stephanie Minifigure
    From: US $2.11
  • LEGO Mia Minifigure
    From: US $2.09
  • LEGO Party Clown Set 71021-4
    From: US $4.13
  • LEGO Dragon Suit Guy Set 71021-7
    From: US $3.34
  • LEGO Duplo Brick 2 x 4 with Curved Bottom (98224)
    From: US $0.12
  • LEGO Plain Torso with White Arms and Yellow Hands (76382 / 88585)
    From: US $0.35
  • LEGO Unicorn Guy Minifigure Hips and Legs (37778)
    From: US $0.42
  • LEGO Cowboy Minifigure Hips and Legs (38383)
    From: US $0.31