Buying Individual LEGO Parts

Whether you've misplaced a part from a set, or you're looking to add a new extension to your Lego house, you've come to the right place! You've got a few options for trying to find those parts you need

Searching by name

If you have an idea of what the part is called, that's easy and you can just search for it at the top of the page. Alternatively, if it has some studs on it, you can search for the amount of studs, for example "Brick 2 x 4".

Searching by ID

If you are trying to replace a part, another option is to take a look at the back of the instructions, where you should find all of the parts along with their "Lego Item Numbers" which can easily be search for. Each of these Item Numbers is colour specific so will take you straight to the correct part. Sometimes if you're lucky varies even an ID number printed on the bottom of a part

Lookup up an Inventory

If you happen to know a set that the part comes in, if you search for the set, you can click on the "View Inventory" button and find the part in the set that way


Lastly, if all else fails, just browse around some of the Part categories and hopefully you'll find what you need